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William Franklin Collins

birth 01 Aug 1828, Jackson, IN ~ death 1910+?
Land ~ 1850 ~ 1860 ~ 1870 ~ 1880 ~ 1900 ~ 1910

Collings Land
Dennison, Clark, IL

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          6 William Franklin Collings
b 01 Aug 1828, Jackson, IN
d 1905, Clark, IL
            + (1) Nancy Ann Perry b 1828; d 1858
Marriage 05 Jun 1848, Jackson, IN
            i Phoebe Ann b 1850; d 1921
            ii Lewis Isaac b 1854;
            iii Margaret b 1856; d 1904
            + (2) Eliza Ann America Jones
b 1829, IN
d 1865, Clark, IL.
Marriage 01 Jul 1858, Terre Haute, Vigo, IN
            iv Thomas Fredrick b 09 Nov 1859
            v Jesse J b May 1862; d
            vi Zerilda b 1864; d 1864, Wabash, Clark, IL
            + (3) Mary McNeal Wintermute b1834; d bef Feb 1877
Marriage 1868
            vii John McNeal b 1871
            viii Emma b 1876
            + (4) Catherine Ann Sherman Frantz
Marriage 22 Nov 1877

Land: Wabash, Clark, IL

1850 Census:Washington, Jackson, IN

1860 Census: Honey Creek, Vigo, IN

1870 Census: Wabash, Clark, IL

1880 Census: Wabash, Clark, IL

1900 Census: Wabash, Clark, IL

1910 Census: Terre Haute Ward 5, Vigo, IN
(Census image is unreadable)

Images courtesy of ancestry.com


? Others have William's death in Groveland, Lake, Florida, 1913. That makes NO sense to me. If nothing else, he seldom went by "Collings" -- though the "else" is why on earth the 80+yo William, who had spent his entire life in IN and the close-by IL, would be almost 1000 miles away in Florida for his death.

1850 Census: William's father, Thomas Fredrick Collings, is listed on the prior page (see TFC's page), as are a bunch of Briner kin.

1860 Census: William's brother Peter lives near by, and Eliza Ann America Jones' children by Samuel McCroskey live with William and Eliza/America. Also, Eliza/America's parents, Jesse and Eliza Jones, live near by.

1870 Census: Note the "Downey's" -- William and his son John still live next to them in 1910, though they appear as "Downing's".

1880 Census: Nearby is Homer Macklan (sic). William's son, Thomas Fredrick Collings (b 1859), married Homer's step-sister's daughter: Randolph Lee begat Elizabeth Lee who married John Garner who begat Elvira Garner (Thomas Fredrick Collings' spouse); Randolph Lee was married to Elizabeth ?/Selby/Machlan who begat Homer Machlan.

1910 Census: William F living with his son John M -- John McNeal Collins married Alice Campbell Cofer in 1908, and his father William is still living (John's half-brother, Jesse, is his witness). Also, a curiosity: Henry Dinkle is listed as "taken in to raise" from "Glen Home", Glenn Home, aka Vigo County Home for Dependent Children.


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