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Thomas Franklin Collings

birth 01 March 1802 ~ death 22 July 1875
Land ~ Land2 ~ 1830 ~ 1840 ~ 1850 ~ 1860 ~ 1870

Collings Cemetery
Dudleytown, Jackson, IN
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        7 Thomas Franklin Collings
b 01 Mar 1802, KY
d 22 Jul 1875, Wabash, Clark, IL
Land ~ 1830 ~ 1840 ~ 1850 ~ 1860 ~ 1870 ~ Headstone
          + (1) Margaret Briner
b 08 Apr 1802, Bullitt, KY
d 02 Apr 1862, Jackson, IN.
Marriage 27 Jul 1820, Jackson, IN
          i Peter b 1824
          ii Thomas b 1825
          iii William F b 01 Aug 1828, Jackson, IN
          iv Zerilda b 1830
          v David b 1832
          vi Isaac b 1835
          vii Emily b 1838
          viii Jesse b 1842
          ix Mary b 1845
          x George b 1852
          xi Margaret b 1857
          + (2) Susan McNeil Schumaker
Marriage between 1862 and 1870
          + (3) Melvina Evaline Emms Briner
Marriage 1874
          xiii Thomas Collings b1875(?)

Land purchase: Jackson, IN 1835

Land purchase: Jackson, IN 1851

1830 Census: Grassy Fork, Jackson, IN

1840 Census: Jackson, IN

1850 Census: Washington, Jackson, IN (2 pages)

1860 Census: Washington, Jackson, IN

1870 Census: Washington, Jackson, IN

1880 Census: Washington, Jackson, IN

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? Thomas "Collings" b1875, noted by some as TFC's child: Thomas Franklin Collings would have conceived 'Thomas Collings' (b1875), when he was 73yo and after his last child had been born some 18 years prior, with a childless marriage in-between (his marriage to Susan McNeil (looking into that)). Plus, I do believe he already had a son named Thomas, born in 1826. Thomas, born in 1875, does not seem to me to be Thomas Franklin Collings' son. I believe this Thomas to be Melvina Emm's child by William Briner.

1840 Census: Thomas Franklin Collings (b1802) has a male between the ages of 80 and 90 living with him. I'm guessing that it is his father, Thomas Collings (b1760 d1842).

1870 Census: TFC with Susan McNeil Schumaker/Shoemaker, his daughter Margaret (by Margaret Briner), and a Sarah M. -- please note that Sarah M. was born in Prussia and both of her parents are "foreign born" (that's further down the census row). She is not a daughter of TFC, but rather perhaps a distant relative or simply an orphan.

1880 Census (Thomas is dead): Melvina Emms Briner Collins in at the same property (note the neighbors), Sarah M. Collings (16yo) is living with William and Elizabeth Briner, and is listed as Wlm. Briner's sister-in-law.

Melvina Emms Briner was not the sister of Margaret Briner, as some claim. She was the wife of Margaret Briner's deceased nephew, William Briner, and her maiden name was Emms (it's not a nickname for Emily).


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