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New Jersey(?) ~ Pennsylvania ~ Kentucky ~ Indiana
Descendents of Zebulon Collings (b c1706)

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Indiana State Library 
Genealogy Database:
Marriages through 1850

Illinois Statewide Vital Records Databases

Find a Grave

Vigo County, Indiana USGenWeb Project

Clark County, Illinois
USGenWeb Project

Ellis Island Online


Pigeon Roost

True Indian Stories

True Indian Stories
























The Collings, Richeys, and the Pigeon Roost Massacre:
listing many of the survivor's descendants
and including most of the major accounts of the Massacre

Constance A Hackman; Leona M Lawson; Kenneth R Scott

History of the Pigeon Roost Massacre
Lizzie D. Coleman

True Indian stories
with glossary of Indiana Indian names

Jacob Piatt Dunn1855-1924
Pigeon Roost, Chapter VIII, page 144

The Danger Period -- Indian History
War of 1812 Pigeon Roost Massacre


The Pigeon Roost Massacre: Its Cause
and Impact and Pigeon Roost Massacre Lesson Plans

Candace Taff Carr

Other resources, from WorldCat

Indiana State Museum: State Historic Sites, #11
Pigeon Roost

Pigeon Roost State Historic Site

Pigeon Roost Cemetery
Dee Pavey
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Memorial at Pigeon Roost

William Elston Collins Headstone
Lynne Collins 2005
























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