We conduct research in general genealogy, though we have most recently been involved in Jewish genealogical research. We have Master's degrees in Information Resources and Library Science, and we belong to the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Collins Consultancy has information resources by way of paid subscription and/or registration, and we also correspond with governmental sources for locally held documents. We are on the cutting edge of the tried and true, and the innovative and technological.

$30.00 an hour, and billing for additional expenditures: copying fees, postage, travel, and any other incidentals. Results are delivered via email, unless otherwise requested.
$60.00 deposit upon acceptance of any project/search. The deposit will be credited to the first billing. All expected expenditures and fees must be agreed upon in advance.

What They Saved: Pieces of a Jewish Past, by Nancy K. Miller
I trusted Lynne, my researcher in Tucson, completely...
I am grateful to Lynne Collins, whose savvy research uncovered, among other family things, my uncle's story in the Southwest.

Bella, a biography by her son, by Barry Kirschner
Two non-relatives have been invaluable... Lynne Collins has researched immigration-related documents.





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